Top Tips for Choosing a New Bike for Kids in Chelsea

New-Bike-for-Kids chelseaIf you’re shopping for a new bike for kids, you may be wondering how to find the best one for their needs and comfort level–and yours. Of course you want them to be safe, but they’ll also want to enjoy how their bicycle looks and rides. Whether it’s a first bike or just the first new one for your child, here’s how to find the best.

How Tall Is Your Child?

For a comfortable ride that also allows your child to reach the pedals with ease, use their height as a general starting place for browsing. Wheel sizes are measured in inches, and as wheel sizes go up, so do the ages of the children they’re meant for. 

What Kind of Riding Will They Do?

Some kids will be off-road biking while others don’t plan on going much farther than their neighborhood. Having a good idea of where and how your child plans on riding helps narrow your choices. 

What Colors & Styles Appeal to Them?

Although finding the model that’s the right size and built for on- or off-road use matters, if your child doesn’t like the way the bike looks, it will probably sit in the garage. There are so many colors and designs available in today’s bikes, consider seeking out one that reflects their personality and preferences. 

Ready to Browse for a New Bike for Kids Near Chelsea?

Sharon Valley Bicycle Shoppe is your one-stop destination for all things cycling! Our family-owned bike repair shop is conveniently located in the heart of Manchester’s vibrant cycling community and proudly serves local cycling enthusiasts and beginners alike. We’re more than just a bike shop–we’re a family of cyclists, and we’re all about sharing that love of cycling with you. In addition to our new bike and used bike sales and service, our Youth Bike Program refurbishes gently-used bikes for children whose families may not be able to provide them. Our shop is here to assist you in experiencing the joy of the ride, from shopping for bikes, e-bikes, pumps, locks, gloves, helmets and other accessories to needing service and repair for your bike. Contact us today for our great selection of new bikes for kids!

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