Top Shopping Secrets for Buying a New Bike Near Napoleon

new bike napoleonWhen it’s time to buy a new bike, you don’t want to make mistakes with your purchase. Otherwise, you’ll have a bike that’s not comfortable and likely to end up sitting in the garage, gathering dust. Here are the best strategies for getting the right bicycle, whether you’re buying for an adult, a teen or a child.

Decide What Type of Bicycle You Want

Consider where and how you plan to ride most often, such as on paved roads or off-road trails. Riders who bike recreationally for fun have different needs than those who race, bike for fitness or commute to work. If you’ve already owned a bike, look back on your riding experience to identify if there are any things you’d want to be different in buying a new one.

Ensure Proper Fit and Comfort

Visit a bike shop to test ride different models and get professional fitting advice regarding frame size, saddle height and handlebar position. A bike that fits well will be more enjoyable to ride, reduce fatigue and lessen the potential for injury. 

Evaluate Quality, Desired Features & Your Budget

Look for bikes that offer good value for your money while also taking into account the features you want. Among the features to consider are the type of brakes, gear range and frame material. Stick with reputable brands for durability and longevity, and don’t overlook warranty and service options.

Ready to Shop for a New Bike Near Napoleon?

Sharon Valley Bicycle Shoppe welcomes riders of all ages and experience levels who are looking for a new bike or need bicycle service and repair. We also carry a wide range of accessories to make your experience safer and more comfortable. Everyone on our team is eager to share our passion for biking and enthusiasm for our local bike scene. Contact us today to learn more about our new and used bike sales, get skilled bike repair, and discover the friendly advice and guidance our customers count on.

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